Redefine Your Relationship with Alcohol

*You don't have to hit rock bottom to decide to change your drinking habits

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Redefine Your Relationship with Alcohol

*You don't have to hit rock bottom to decide to change your drinking habits

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Once upon a time, alcohol seamlessly blended into the fabric of everyday life, unquestioned and unchallenged. But then something shifted. Your priorities evolved, and suddenly, alcohol no longer holds the same sway over your choices. You feel it, that nagging suspicion that perhaps alcohol is holding you back.

But somehow you feel trapped… societal pressures loom large.


Drinking culture is everywhere you turn.
Abstinence is often met with raised eyebrows and misplaced assumptions. 
It's ingrained deeply into our social fabric, making it challenging to chart a different course.
But how much longer are you willing to be stuck in this loop of dead end drinking that’s leading you nowhere?

You're not alone, I've been where you are right now 


Hey, I'm Cristyn. I'm a Certified Trauma-Informed Life Coach with a specific interest in helping people improve their life through making changes to their relationship with alcohol.

My life was once like yours is now. I had a poor relationship with alcohol, I felt trapped. Stuck in a world where drinking is normalised from a young age, where choosing not to drink is going against the grain. 

I never struggled with addiction but I admit that over time, the boundaries became blurred. I consider myself to have been a 'grey-area' drinker' 1

I told myself many times enough is enough, I'd quit drinking for a few weeks only to find myself going back to it because complete abstinence felt overly restrictive and I wanted to believe I could moderate. I was able to moderate but even when drinking less, I still had horrible hangovers that lasted way longer than they did in my 20s, instead I had begun to value feeling fresh and energised. 

I wanted to be a better parent, I wanted to focus on getting fit and I wanted to start making progress in my career after choosing to be a stay at home mother since 2014.

In September 2022 I decided to stop drinking for the second time. My first attempt of 80 days gave me a taste of how great an alcohol free life could be!

When I reached 365 days sober I realised how much I wanted to help others who felt just like I did - fed up of the hangovers, fed up of the foggy brain, fed up of the never-ending cycle of saying you'll quit only to find yourself with a drink-in-hand a couple of weeks later.

Committing to an alcohol free lifestyle has been the biggest act of self care and I here to help you as you opt for a better relationship with alcohol.


Don't Know Which Step to Take First? 

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