my top 8 reasons you NEED a baby carrier

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2020

The benefits of carrying our babies and why a sling is not just another item to tick off the ‘newborn essentials list’.

As parents, when we are expecting our first baby we are told we need SO much stuff. Like, an overwhelming amount of baby kit to assist us on our parenting journeys. 

Typing ‘newborn essentials’ into Google may send you quickly into panic mode when you see how much is listed! 

Something on that is listed the majority of the time is a ‘baby carrier’. And rightly so! What a lifesaving piece of kit it can be. 

However, it’s not just something to ‘tick off the list’. 

A baby carrier can be one of your most precious tools in your parenting tool kit. 

The benefits far surpass those of gadgets making false promises such as perfecting your baby’s sleeping patterns or creating the perfect baby meal at the press of a button. 

Here are my top 8 benefits of using a baby carrier as a new...

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A natural breech water home birth

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2020

My son was born in October 2014, at home in the birth pool. I had made a contingency plan for all eventualities except for one; breech baby. Why would I? I was told during every antenatal check I had that his head was low down and then in the final stages that his head was engaged. Why would I even have considered it? 


My ESTIMATED due date was October 1st 2014. My pregnancy was not planned and I was catapulted from 24/7 party girl to Mother to be in the 2 quick minutes it took for a line to appear on the pregnancy test. Emotions ran high. I knew nothing about babies! I doubted my abilities to be a mother but it didn’t take long for the idea to settle. 


For some reason, I had always liked the idea of a water birth. I began to research water birth and discussed it with the midwives who explained that there were a limited number of birth pools at the hospital and it would just depend on whether one was free at the time. I didn’t like that. I wanted...

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