My name is Cristyn and I’m a certified babywearing consultant. I would love for you to join me on this course so you can become confident using a stretchy wrap with your new baby.

This mini course is perfect if you are just starting your carrying journey. 

I know it can be incredibly overwhelming in the beginning, there are so many different carriers to choose from and using a stretchy wrap in the early days can give you some extra time to play with.

You can get a feel for what it's like carrying your newborn and you will be beaming with confidence when you decide to move on to something different.

This course has been tailored so you get from a place of uncertainty to feeling confident in a short period of time.

Your confidence grows as you become an expert in safety and master the technique & methods you need to carry your baby in a sling.

You learn just as I teach my clients during a 1:1 session and the tutorial videos are in depth yet easy to follow along with. 

So, lets not waste any more precious time, I will see you in the next video...